Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Thoughts. 2012. Hmmm.

Of course a new year is only the turning of one more page on the calendar, one more cycle of the sun through the zodiac and of course the turning of one day into the next, literally.  If you look at the rest of nature, the cycles of time are measured more like this:

Sun comes up, sun goes down. Sun comes up, sun goes down.

Humans are probably the only beings that put such stock in measuring and keeping track of days, of tides and times, and so on.  It's like a giant to-do list that we create to keep ourselves in line.  We don't follow our instincts, in fact we're barely in touch with them most of the time.  Which is why many of us turn to the tarot.... we look for guidance and intuition to help us follow what would normally be obvious, easy, to understand, because it would be instinctual, flowing, honest.

I was commenting to someone earlier this evening that I counsel my students, in their "daily tarot card draw" to pick a card in the morning, look at it for ten SECONDS, then walk away, and only look at it again at the end of the day.  To spend time during the day feeling the energy of the card, but mostly to look back at the day at the end of the day, to look at the card again and see how its energy played out during the day.  What events occurred, what people crossed your path, what things reminded you of this card that you drew for the day?

It's been a really long time since I used this exercise myself to do anything but teach others.  When was the last time I drew a card for myself in the morning, and went through the day with it in mind, etc?  I've so long only thought of this as what students do when they are learning.  Yet we never stop learning.... I thought perhaps I might revisit this practice, now, at this turning point in my life, when I could really apply the practice with my years of accrued experience and see what I can bring to a daily tarot practice now.

I'm looking to get more in touch with myself as a spiritual being.  Tarot has always been a part of my spiritual practice since I began reading cards.  So it only makes sense that I should look to the tarot as a way of getting back into shape, so to speak, with myself as the focus.

2012 is going to see some new changes, in my life.  One of them concerns my website.  About a year and a half ago, my long-time tarot website, Wicce's Tarot Collection, went down for good.  Not necessarily by my choice, but because of technical difficulties I was unable to resolve.  My domain,, was snaked out from under me and I am still unable to get it back.  However, in the past couple of months, I have secured and and am planning to slowly get all the remaining ones that are related.  It is my intention to launch a new and improved version of my site, one with tarot reviews and informative articles, like the old one, but better organized and cleaner running, as well as having a sister site with articles and reviews of Wiccan books and merchandise and probably even a small storefront of sorts.

In the meantime, though, I decided to resuscitate this blog.  And I will be posting some thoughts here and there, including some of my daily card draws.  I don't necessarily intend to post every day's draw.  I'm currently living at home and not working and just hibernating.  I don't imagine my daily draws will always be a different card or will be that interesting every single time.... a lot of Hermits probably LOL

It will be an interesting journey, though, one I hope you will join me for and bring plenty of friends as well!

Yours in tarot,

Gina M. Pace (aka Wicce), creator of the Pagan Tarot, published by LoScarabeo, and former webmistress of Wicce's Tarot Collection, one of the internet's largest former tarot review websites


  1. Glad to hear Wicce will return to the web. It was extensive and I miss it.

  2. I do plan on bringing back all my old reviews as well as adding new ones. A lot of the OLD old ones weren't as detailed as I'd like, and I will slowly be fixing that part too. I think I will start posting some reviews on the blog first though, until I get my site set up.

    And thank you!

  3. So true, I do the card for the day thing, it does play out for the most part.

  4. Looking forward to your return to blogging and the internet world of deck reviews!

  5. Looking forward to some daily inspirations -- if you need healing stone jewelry -- I'm your gal !!!

  6. So great to see this up and running! A fabulous addition to the Tarot community. (Come visit my blog, too? Maybe even subscribe?)

  7. Will be great to have you back with whatever you choose to share more often. I always enjoy your writings. Best of luck, Gina, in 2012 and your new self-employed journey.